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Core Site Manager Features

Site Manager goes beyond the typical Content Management System (CMS) with our integrated database modules. By setting up and building data in the modules, you can automatically push content out live to multiple webpages, user defined groups or segments, RSS feeds and more. Add efficiency and do less work by integrated and connecting database modules - such as the calendar admin with our social stream database - resulting in automatic posts to your social media feed when new events are coming.

  • Powerful Calendar System
    • Use stand alone or connect with any iCal calendar including Google Calendar
    • Offer RSS for your users to feed events into their personal calendars
    • Integrate social media automatically with events if desired
    • Invite a friend
    • RSVP
    • Integrate with facility calendar system
    • Integrate with the Members Database featuring weekly event emails
    • Location database
  • Members Database
    • Create unlimited groups
    • Create user side security - password protected web pages
    • Create members only birthday and anniversary calendars
    • Create sign-up sheets for members with automatic reminder emails
    • Automatic weekly emails connected with the Site Manager's calendar module
  • Faculty Database
    • Add faculty members (teachers, administrators, support staff, etc.) and organize by groups
    • Easily create faculty / teacher directories - organize by groups, with multiple display options
    • Create teacher websites / classroom pages that are built right in your schools' website, but with each faculty member having their own unique access
    • Create user-side security (password protected pages) just for faculty members
  • Social Stream Database
    • Connect your website to your Facebook or Twitter social media feeds/pages
    • Automatically post from your website to your social media stream using the calendar, blog, content / resource tool and more!
    • Easily add your social media feed to any internal page
  • Media Library
    • Build your own video on-demand (VOD) library right within your website
    • No need to upload to third party VOD sites - keep your visitors on your own site
    • Available in the faculty module so that educators can upload video resources, curriculum and more
  • Announcement Database
  • Online Store (Shopping Cart)
  • Scholarship Database
  • Integrated file management (File Uploads)
  • Food Menu Database


Page Level Tools for Content Display

Adding content to a web page is easy - drop a tool on a page and begin to add your content. Site Manager offers a variety of tools - each one tailored to display or push out specific types of content. Use any number of tools in any combination on each web page, there’s no limit! Easily move content tools around on a page, or even move the tool to a totally different page on your site.

The list below shows the different content output tools you'll have available to you. Don't worry though - some of these tools serve a specific purpose and exist for a display or interactive solution. You won't have to learn how to use all these tools! Think of this as your toolbox, you'll have your favorite trustworthy tools but sometimes, you'll want a different tool to get a job done.

  • WYSIWYG Editor (Content Editor)
  • Column Display
  • Expand / Collapse Content
  • Links List
  • Profiles
  • Resource / Content List
  • Widget Embed
  • Image Gallery
  • Slide Show 
  • Blog (Integrated Blog)
  • Donations / Payments
  • Form Creator
  • Message Board
  • Prayer Requests
  • SCRIP / TRIP Ordering
  • Sign-up Sheets (Members Database only)
  • Calendar
  • Upcoming Events (right side bar)
  • Mini Calendar 
  • Facility Calendar
  • Food Menu
  • Audio Player
  • Faculty Directory (Faculty List)
  • Members Database - Birthday / Anniversary Calendar
  • Members Database - Opt-In / Edit (enabling your members to opt-in and build their profile/data, and/or to edit their existing profile)
  • Members Database Directory (Search)
  • Announcements
  • Online Store (shopping cart)
  • Scholarship List
  • Media Library - Single Video Player
  • Media Library - Library Player
  • Social Media - Single Feed


Pages & Navigation Features

In Site Manager, you have unlimited pages and your content is fluid. You can easily move a page from one category to another - or drill in and just move a single content tool (section) from one page to another.

Key page and navigation features include:

  • Built-In SEO Tools
    • XML sitemaps
    • Customizable page titles, meta descriptions and keywords
    • Easy to use Heading tags
    • Customizable image alt tags
    • Per page crawling & indexing setting controls
  • Unlimited & Fluid Webpages
  • Directories
  • Navigation links