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Q: What are the main benefits of School Site compared to other website products?

A: You don't have to be a webmaster to manage School Site. It offers a Site Manager (CMS) that makes it easy to maintain your website without requiring any special expertise to do so. It also integrates with FACTS SIS so you can automatically post announcements and calendar items from the SIS to School Site. Plus, we offer professional design services so you can represent your school with a top-of-the-line-looking website.

Q: We are interested in learning more about School Site but don't know how to get started. What do you suggest?

A: We recommend three steps: 

  1. Attend a live webinar demonstration or view a recorded video demonstration of School Site.
  2. Read through these Q&As.
  3. Finally, complete the contact our team form and a member of the School Site Team will contact you to cover options. 
Q: How do we get pricing information?

A: All pricing is available under the Pricing page. 

Q: According to the pricing sheet, there is a pretty wide range of design options and prices. How do we know how much we will need to spend for our website?

A: We have designed the School Site product to provide schools a professionally designed website at a price they can afford. How much a school spends will depend on whether or not the school wants to use a theme template or customized design. The best way to determine what kind of design you will want will be to request a Consultation. 

Q: What are the differences between School Site and finalsite?

A: School Site and finalsite are the only two website content management systems that integrate with FACTS SIS. On the balance, finalsite offers higher-end features than School Site, but at a much higher price point. School Site was designed to be extremely easy to use and affordable to schools of all sizes, while providing professionally developed designs so schools present the best marketing image possible to prospective and existing families at the school.

Q: Does School Site offer any ability for individual teachers to create their own personal school-related Web Sites/Pages?

A: School Site offers a powerful and user-friendly management system that teachers can use to build and maintain their own faculty web pages.

Q: Is there a way for parents to pay for school lunches online through School Site?

A: FACTS currently offers Online Payments which allows parents to make online payments via FACTS Family Portal. Parents can simply view their lunch balance and make a payment via credit card or bank draft. Schools also have the ability to display their lunch calendars and parents can order and pay online for lunches within Family Portal. If your parents currently order through a vendor, then you can create a link to the vendor's website on your page and have parents continue to order through their current method.

Q: Does School Site provide the web hosting as well?

A: School Site is a hosted solution; therefore, FACTS will host your website along with all your other FACTS data.

Q: How much storage space is included?

A: The School Site package includes 100GB of storage space. To make the make most of this 100GB, School Site does an excellent job of compressing your website content. For example, every time you upload pictures or graphics to your website, the system will automatically resize and optimize those graphics.

Q: What are our design options?

A: School Site provides three levels of design options so that every school can have a professional design at an affordable price.  Our design options are Signature Themes, Enhanced Signature Themes, and Custom Designs.  For more information, check out our design pages.

Q: We like our website design, but want the convenience of the content management solution and integration with FACTS. Can we just reuse our existing design for School Site? 

A: No. We do not offer that service.

Q: We like our existing website. Can you just integrate our existing website with FACTS?

A: No. We do not offer that service.

Q: Does the Faculty Tool option within the CMS pull a faculty list from FACTS SIS or is the list hand-entered separately?

A: The faculty list can pull all of your faculty information from FACTS SIS.

Q: Is the CMS the same regardless if your site is a fully customized design, uses a template, or uses your own existing design?

A: Regardless of the design options used by your school, your school will be able to use the full version of our School Site content management system.

Q: Can a school add a link to an external site (a vendor) such as a uniform company, FACTS tuition management, or other company with which the school community does regular business?

A: Yes, there are several methods that your school can use to link out to external web sites. With the Links tool, you can easily create and format these external links from within the CMS. In addition, you can include an organization's logo next to the link to make it more recognizable.

Q: How many pages can you have and can you restrict authors to specific pages?

A: With School Site, you can have unlimited number of pages within your site. You can restrict permissions in any way that you so desire. You can give a staff member access to work on the entire site or a single page or anywhere in between.

Q: What is the "domain name" system?

A: The Domain Name System (DNS) helps users find their way around the Internet. Every computer on the Internet has a unique address - just like a telephone number - which is a rather complicated string of numbers. It is called its "IP Address" (IP stands for "Internet Protocol"). IP Addresses are hard to remember. The DNS makes using the Internet easier by allowing a familiar string of letters (the "domain name") to be used instead of the arcane IP Address. So instead of typing, you can type It is a "mnemonic" device that makes addresses easier to remember.

Q: Do you have to have a registered domain name for School Site ( ?

A: Yes, the School Site server requires a domain name to operate properly.

Q: What does "registering" a domain mean?

A: When a "domain name" is "registered" with Internic, the national registration clearing organization, the unique mnemonic is entered into a master directory of all the millions of names on the Internet. This master directory links the domain name to the corresponding address on the computer serving your website pages.

Q: How do we register for a domain name if our school does not have one or we want to use a different one?

A: All main domains are registered with Internic, the not-for-profit organization established to license and regulate domain names. Domain names are registered through third-party companies called registrars that provide name registration with Internic, along with value-added services for licensees. There are many licensed and certified registrars to choose from, though is the largest registrar in the world. Prices vary from just under $10 up to $100 per domain name. If the domain name is already licensed (owned) by another party, that party may sell the domain name for whatever price they choose.

Q: If we already have a domain name, how do we know if our school owns and controls it?

A: A query of the database reveals much information about ownership and control. For the most part, domain information is public information to ensure easy contact in case of emergency. This form will produce as much information about a domain and its zone records as the owner will allow. Some information may be confidential so this form may not produce all information needed to see ownership of the domain name. If you cannot determine ownership and control of the domain name using this page, you will need a professional to use special services to find the information.