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Key Features:
  • Westlake is a 2 color theme, and uses several tones of gray as part of the theme design. Both colors must be WCAG compliant.
  • Westlake features flexible content containers are designed to allow between 2 to 6 active, but a max of 4 active containers will show initially. As basic content "containers", these can hold an image + text + URL, with both image and URL being optional. 
  • The standard theme does not offer any content tool options.
Available Customizations During Setup:
  • Your colors (two)
  • Your logo
  • Main navigation (Up to 6 categories, approximately 50 characters/spaces)
  • Icon utility navigation. Between 0 to 4 icons (not including search).
  • For enhanced themes only, home page content tool choices include content editor / testimonial carousel, text announcements, blog feed, or social media feed(s)
What You Can Edit On This Site:
  • Hero image and messaging text
  • Editable home page content, varies per tool choice
  • Quick Links (max of 4 links)
  • All level subpages (shown in header navigation drop down and inside left navigation examples)
  • All inside page creation, including text, images, banner images, page headings, etc.
  • Add / Delete interior pages (main navigation items are not editable)
  • Banner images on inside pages
  • Social Media Icons
  • Footer Text (Address, Phone, Email, etc.)
View Live Examples:


Westlake Gallery: