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Enhanced Signature Themes offer more options for customizing a Signature Theme, offering an affordable website design option.

What's Enhanced

Signature Themes are professionally designed websites that each offer unique content layouts and user experiences. Some themes are designed to be simple, image driven home pages, other themes offer content rich options for keeping your online community informed.

While themes offer an affordable way to achieve a professional and updated website, some organizations may want additional customizations. With Signature Theme Enhanced, you can start with a base theme and then add in from a set option of customizations. Customizations options may vary from theme to theme.

Basic customizations options include:
  • Additional quick links or shortcut drop menu
  • Content tool swap
  • Breadcrumbs (internal pages)
  • Additional footer text, icon or other customizations
  • Main (primary) navigation customization to accommodate additional categories and/or characters (limits apply; varies by theme)

With any of the above options, you can choose one or multiple of these enhancements to create the site that meets your school needs. While most of the above enhancements can be done on any theme, be sure to check with your sales specialist on the specific theme you had in mind.

Home page customization options may include:
  • Add a content section
  • Remove a content section
  • Add a mission statement / vision / key messaging section
  • Add fixed background image

With the additional customizations, only one per theme can be selected and not all options are available for all themes. Your sales specialist can provide details and guide you through the possibilities.

To get started with our Enhanced Themes, first review our library of themes to determine which theme offers you the core home page options you may be looking for. Not sure? No problem, just contact us and we will be happy to assist.